Reign’s Clothespin Fun!

Reign’s Clothespin Fun!

Reign is my smart, charismatic five-year-old.  He turned five in February, so he isn’t in Kindergarten yet.  He attends preschool three days a week from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Since he is only in school for such a short time, I am always trying to supplement his learning by finding fun ways to teach him at home.  Kindergarten is a big change for little ones, especially if they are going from 9 to almost 50 hours of learning per week.  Here is one of our successful learning sessions.

This activity is something cheap, simple, and really fun!  Buy at least a 50-pack of clothespins.  I bought mine from Wal-Mart for $1.22.  Here is a link for them!  I wrote numbers and letters on the front and back of them.  I also put the number of dots underneath the number for counting.  Don’t forget to include those extra letters that you think you may need more of (like vowels, “n”, “r”, or “s”).  Find a piece of cardboard and write “+” and “=”.  I just tore a piece of cardboard off the bottom of a pizza box.  It’s very sturdy and it was already perforated.  Use one side of the cardboard to teach addition.  Clip the clothespins to make addition problems and help them count the number of dots to produce the correct answer.  Use the letters on the other side to help practice with sight words.  Reign had so much fun, he had no clue that he was learning!


Reign is learning so much!



Clothespin fun!


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