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Great Wolf Lodge: “Like For Deals”

Posted by Christian on
Great Wolf Lodge: “Like For Deals”

Since I don’t bring in an income, I am always trying to look for a bargain when it comes to entertaining the three little Thorntons.  Reign turned 5 years-old on February 20th and Robelio turned 10 years-old on February 24th.  Instead of having two separate birthday parties at about $200 a piece (including clean-up), I gave them the option of celebrating together this year.  We got a chance to have a mini family vacation and I didn’t have the stresses of planning or waiting for those untimely RSVPs.

The three little Thorntons enjoying their mini family vacation!

The youngest Thornton, Raegan, and I love taking usies! I think she’s so pretty! <3

Cool Wolf Den Suite

Instead, I “liked” Great Wolf Lodge’s Facebook page and waited for the deals to roll in.  Since we live in Michigan, the closest to us was the Sandusky location.  Here is the link for pictures!  The Wolf Den Suite is very cute and often starts at $300 a night.  However, they posted a deal for $169 a night and I jumped on it! The kids got a semi-private wolf themed room while my husband and I got a little privacy in the traditional queen bed.   They even offered us a crib or pack-n-play for our 5-month-old, Raegan.  The deal was so incredible, we ended up staying for 2 nights.  So, a weekend getaway for the whole family for $400 (price including taxes and resort fees) is better than 2 birthday parties, 2 stresses, and 2 WHOLE clean-ups in my book.  Check out Great Wolf Lodge!