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MIS300: Pinterest

Posted by Christian on

I love Pinterest!

Pinterest is one of my favorite websites.  It can be described as the “world catalog of ideas”.  Create a virtual board for each idea you have, type your idea in the search engine, and “pin” ideas to corresponding boards to come back to reference when your’re ready.  It’s the ultimate creative person’s dream.

As of November 2016, Pinterest had 150 million active users posting over 75 billion pins.  These numbers are expected to grow at an exponential rate and it’s time to join in on the fun.  It is detrimental that certain businesses join Pinterest.  For example, my sister is an event planner.  The best thing she could ever do for her business is allow her brides, or other clients, create a board that they both can make “pins” to, so they can visually collaborate ideas.  By doing this, she has created a competitive advantage.

Pinterest Board



MIS300: Business 2.0 Tools of Collaborating

Posted by Christian on

Having a blog is the best way to communicate with potential customers or people of similar interests.

There are 3 types of business tools for communicating through social networks and collaborating: blogs, wikis, and mashups.  These are ways people and businesses can share their thoughts and ideas,  just like in this website.   Let’s take a closer look at how a blog can connect people from all over the world.

A blog is an online journal that allows users to post their own comments, graphics, and video.  If you have a business, or just want to connect with someone of similar interests, this is the perfect way to do it.  You can join a social network, like Facebook or Instagram, and create your own page without having the knowledge of a programmer.  It’s very user friendly.  If you prefer to have your own website, all of the help you need can be found using the “Help” button, or with the YouTube videos.  Wordpress and can give you all of the free information you need.

Communicate with others by blogging from the comfort of your home.